This beautifully written tale illustrates the selfless love of a mother who is ready to go miles to help her visually impaired boy, but what happens next is a story for readers to uncover in this inspiring story of IRIS.

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The story of a boy who was born blind and grew up in Cuba during the Cuban Revolution, which was a dangerous and desperate time. The story uncovers how hard it was for him to get treatment in a different country in the era of the 1960s. It was a time of big changes in culture and politics.

His story is all about getting past educational barriers, growing up, and finding a place in the world with the help of his mother. In narrating the past events, the author also pays tribute to the efforts of mothers, especially of disabled children, who make selfless sacrifices in their everyday lives.

Learn through the struggles of the legally blind author and his mother’s selflessness in the face of political turmoil and devastating situations.



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Perspective-changing Tale Of Struggles And Sacrifice

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Here are the thoughts of readers on the book:

  1. It is an excellent showcase of struggles to achieve success. This story is inspiring!

  2. The story is so heart-touching. It perfectly shows the selflessness of a mother to give her impaired child the best life.

  3. I loved reading this story of a visually impaired child and his efforts in learning and adjusting to difficult life situations. The book instills in me a sense of gratitude for my own life.

  4. It is one of the most inspiring and incredible stories I have ever read. It evokes all my emotions of melancholy, love, and happiness as the story develops from the struggles of a kid who achieves success because of his struggles and his mother’s selfless support.

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